Shelley Gilchrist

Five Six Seven Eight (details) now on view in Provincetown, MA


Organic to Geometric II
Provincetown Art Association and Museum (Carol Pelletier, Curator)
Provincetown, MA
May 25 - June 24, 2018
Exhibition catalog is available here

Rockford Midwestern Biennial 2018
Rockford Art Museum (Aron Packer, Juror)
Rockford, IL
June 8 - September 30, 2018

Design is a Verb!
Chicago Sculpture International Biennial (Alyssa Brubaker, Curator)
Evanston Art Center
Evanston, IL
July 27 - August 26, 2018

Studio Visit, Volume 39 (George Kinghorn, Juror)

My work also appears here:
• Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century (E. Ashley Rooney, ed.), 2016, available here

In my sculptural paintings, curvilinear motifs and rhythmic ribbons of saturated color create a sense of motion and energy. Features of the natural world – specific scenes and landscapes – inspire me to use these organic design elements to convey the strong impressions that I retain as precise details fade from memory.

Working with organic shapes and moving lines has also led me further into abstraction, to exploring line and color as subjects in themselves. In paper sculptures, simple wavy lines gain power and mystery as shadows are developed through accretion, and on three-dimensionally shaped surfaces, painted straight lines become dynamic. Vivid and unexpected colors are prevalent throughout my body of work.

"Shelley Gilchrist . . . defies the boundaries of the rectangle and square, as her shaped grounds and surface design convey rhythms, organic patterns, land formation, and water motion."
--Kim Bernard, Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century